Here is the second part of the tag I started here. I thought I could finish it in this post, but I guess there’s a reason why I write novels. There will be one more post in this series.

This tag guest stars two characters from my unpublished SF novel, Third Wave which is set about 50 years after the colonization of a remote part of the galaxy called the Euphrates Arm. Kit Kinsey is part of the third wave of settlers, fresh off the ship from Old Terra and Lt. Elaine Huxley is a third-generation member of the first wave.

Just with a quick update on the gals. This takes place just after our duo have met for the first time. Elaine, at least, is still trying to maintain her professional decorum. Kit never had any to begin with.

On with questions 1 to 5!

Would you…

1. Rather read only a series or stand-alone books?

Kit: Stand-alone all the way! I hate it when there’s this big cliffhanger like in the last Liberation Executive* when Lin and Iris get stuck hiding from the bad guys and there’s all this awesome sexual tension and Iris gets shot and lets Lin help her and they talk about their pasts and get closer and closer and it looks like there’s finally gonna be some real girl-on-girl action when the damn thing ends and I hafta wait another week for the next one. (sucks in a huge breath and looks around expectantly)

Elaine: What kind of book is that?

Kit: Uh, a comic book. It’s really good though! Iris is smoking hot in her uniform which makes me all hot and bothered, uh not that I have a thing for women in uniforms or anything like that. (sweats) There’s guy-on-guy too, which is cool with me. And the good bits are done classy, not smutty, yanno?

Elaine: (radiates unconcern) I would never waste my time reading something of that nature. Liberation Executive, you said it was? (shifts, crosses her legs and examines her nails, which are short and well-kept by the way) Not that it’s relevant, but who is the author?

Kit: Uh, I forget but it’s got really sweet cover art. (stretches and mirrors Elaine’s practiced unconcern) Just so you know, I’ve got all the back-issues stashed in the glove compartment on the Six.

Elaine: (raises a brow) The glove compartment, hm.

Kit: Okay I answered, you have to as well.

Elaine: I have always chosen to order my reading material in sequence, increasing in difficulty and of course keeping updated on the most recent editions. So I believe that suggests I prefer series.

Kit: Are you talking about textbooks?? Do you read textbooks for fun? At least are they, like, anatomy or something?

Elaine: (sighs) How about we go on to the next question.

2. Rather read a book whose main character is male or female?

Kit: Female! I don’t have time to read about dick. I got stuff to do. Plus women are hot. Uh, not any particular one but women in general. Because when you don’t have a girlfriend, you gotta get your jollies where you can. I’m talking about me, by the way. As in, single. Not that it’s relevant or anything but just putting it out there for, like, facts.

Elaine: (ignores Kit’s blathering) This is an irrelevant question in my case as the main characters in the book I am currently reading are physics equations governing non-Euclidean motion in both ideal and real conditions.

Kit: (blinks) Sounds fascinating. A real page-turner.

Elaine: Yes, I am finding it quite interesting. I would highly recommend it.

Kit: That kind of thing puts me to sleep.

Elaine: I tend to feel relaxed by a superb set of equations as well, and often use it as bedtime reading material.

Kit: Now that’s an idea. Are you volunteering to read it to me?

Both: (eyes lock for an instant before both turn back to the screen) Next!!

3. Rather shop only at Barnes & Noble (or other actual bookstore) or Amazon?

Kit: Aw hell, I can’t be bothered with lines and shite like that, plus all the good magazines are way high up and I hate dragging over those friggin’ annoying wheely-stool things. I don’t really get the Amazon deal, is that some kinda Xena the Warrior Princess thing? Cause if so, yeah count me in, baby! Woo! (leaps out of seat and starts dancing)

Elaine: (ducks a bunch of Kit’s woolly hair extensions with the reflexes of a racing pilot) As a commissioned officer in the Union, I am required to acquire all reading and entertainment materials from a Union-compliant source, which assures we are not exposed to morally-deficient items such as the magazines you just mentioned.

Kit: (stands still with her arms crossed under her breasts, just enough to give her a bit of cleavage which Elaine pointedly doesn’t notice) Uh huh, but that doesn’t mean you’ve never read one. I gotta bunch back on the Six and I’m always willing to share with anyone who’s got an eye for the ladies.

Elaine: (turns pink) Next question please.

4. Rather all books become movies or tv shows?

Kit: TV. I like TV cause I can put it on the big screen in the Six’s control room and not bother putting on clothes or anything. Plus, if I haul my toucus all the way out to a movie, it’s gotta be for a good reason like a date and then the only thing I’m interested in seeing is her tonsils. Maybe a bit of panty if I’m lucky.

Elaine: (arches a brow) And you do this “date” activity often? And with who?

Kit: Oh shite, nobody in a while. Mostly just in my dreams uh (chokes, flails, pitches off chair)

(Elaine reaches out with unconscious speed and neatly snags Kit around the waist. With Kit almost on her lap, Elaine freezes. Kit does too. Almost as an afterthought, Elaine draws back as Kit slings herself back into her chair)

Elaine: (rakes slightly disheveled hair back from her face with both hands) I apologize for the breach in protocol.

Kit: That’s cool. I didn’t mind. It’s not every day I get grabbed by a smoking hot dame. (starts) Did I say that out loud? Uh, back up and erase the last bit.

Elaine: Consider it done. Shall we move onto the next question?

Kit: (hikes up bustier) Sure thing.

5. Rather read 5 pages per day or read 5 books per week?

Elaine: (still looking a bit frazzled) I don’t see the point of this question. I am capable of reading five books in one day. Why would anyone aspire to read only five pages?

Kit: Maybe they’ve got good pictures on them and you gotta, like, concentrate. (laces hands behind head and tilts chair back dangerously, unaware of the concerned way Elaine is looking at her) I remember this one time it took me a whole day to finish “reading” one page of Trixi Jinx in her softball uniform. Now that’s a good time yall!

Elaine: (brow furrows in confusion) Next question please.


That’s it for now! I’m having too much fun, dusting off these old characters and playing with them. Kudos to anyone who has read this far!

* Liberation Executive is the name of the comic I wrote in university (approx one million years ago) which was published in the Strange Adventures anthology and most likely is lost to time.