Anyone who writes probably has a corner or desk where they can tap away at their latest masterpiece, but writing can happen anywhere. Sometimes it’s fun to get out and see what inspiration falls into your lap (or your laptop).

Ideally, a place would have the following:

  • A place to sit which doesn’t inconvenience others or require an admission fee.
  • Protection from the elements.
  • Food or beverage (you may need to bring your own)
  1. Bus or train station. You and your story are embarking on a great adventure! Soak in the transient atmosphere! Drink machine coffee!
  2. Hotel lobby. People watching opportunities galore, plus if it’s swanky, you can take a level-up in “Classyness”.
  3. Graveyard. It’s quiet and can help you visualize a number of different moods, from sad to spooky. Being respectful is the key.
  4. Furniture store. Chairs, sofas, settees, benches galore! Take your pick and park, decorate your characters’ houses, just be on the lookout for helpful sales staff.
  5. A place resembling your setting. Writing a medical suspense? Hang out in a hospital waiting room. How about a wilderness survival adventure? Hide in some bushes or look at water rushing around in a fountain. The sky’s the limit!

Where’s an interesting or unusual place you’ve written or would like to write?